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January 2010

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“People have a hard time understanding the passage of time and in order to understand it latch onto something we do understand - the unfolding of events”

Dr. Gal Zauberman, Assoc. Professor of Marketing,
Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania
AIP Technology: Now, Soon and on the Drawing Boards

Mass customization of housing. Photo By: Macin Smolinski
 Photo By: Macin Smolinski

Kent Larson, principal investigator for MIT's House_n Team believes mass home customization is the future.

In "New Technologies for Aging in Place" by Athan Bezaitis, he writes, "New developments in technology promise to help transition healthcare from expensive clinical settings into private residences, encourage behavioral modifications that emphasize prevention rather than treatment of illnesses, and make it easier for family caregivers to monitor loved ones and take action in case of an emergency."

Collaboration between businesses and university research centers around the country are driving a lot of the development of these technologies for housing, healthcare and general improved lifestyle. Highlighted in the article are current technologies, soon to be released and those in development, which include:


  • Intelligent Toilets that test sugar levels and blood pressure.
  • Mobile monitoring systems that keep track of a loved ones daily movements.

Home Remodels

The biggest challenge for most people who want to age in their own home is their home. Going up and down stairs, using the bathroom and simply getting in and out of the house are major obstacles.

  • MIT is developing a Legos type of system for interior customization using a chassis model (inspired from the automobile, electronics, aviation and ship building industries) that can reconfigure a home to meet the occupant's needs.


Technology used for behavior modification to help maintain independence.

  • USC working with doctors to create "smart spectacles" so the visually impaired can get around their home.
  • Researchers are working on technology "coaches" to help with lifestyle choices by creating awareness and providing feedback.
  • UCLA researchers have created a handheld video game to keep brains sharp.

Accessible and easy will be the key to acceptance. "The reality remains," says Bezaitis, "that no matter how wired, sensored, or digitized the homes of the future become, new technologies will need to be accessible and user friendly in order for people like my grandmother to adopt them."

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AIP Idea Center: Barrier Free Trackless Tub & Shower Doors

In 1985 the two top executives for Lyons Industries, Inc., Don Lyons and Gary Huff, attended a plumbing products show in Frankfurt, Germany. At that show they saw a trackless tub door and fell in love with its practical beauty. Unfortunately, as is typical with many products made for the European market, it was quite expensive, with a retail price over $1500.00. But the idea was born.

Trackless Shower Veil by Lyons Industries
The bottom edge of the door is bent inwards to direct the water back into the bathtub or shower whether the door is open or closed.

Their challenge was to re-engineer the trackless concept to take out the cost but leave in the great trackless design and full unobstructed access. The trackless design was achieved by using lightweight, yet extremely durable space age materials that allow the doors to be hung from the walls, unlike traditional glass and metal doors that require a system of tracks to carry their weight.

The lower edge of the doors are angled inward at the bottom which forces water to run back into the tub saving the floor from water damage. Their bi-fold design allows the door to fold out of the way when not in use to provide easy unobstructed access to the tub or shower.

Learn More: Trackless Shower Door Exhibit by Lyons

AIP Pro Tip: It's All About Lighting

Our AIP Professional's Tip for better aging in place is from Occupational Therapist, Debra Young, owner of EmpowerAbility, LLC., Debra says:

AIP Pro Tip from Debra Young, CAPS, Occupational Therapist
Debra Young, owner of EmpowerAbility, LLC, shares her tip for better aging in place.

"It is all about lighting and access to it! Use of rocker or touch light switches in lieu of toggle switches will maximize overall ease of use. For lamps within the house, a lamp switch enlarger is one option to provide easy grasp. If the goal is to increase the amount of lighting while maintaining ease of access and not break the budget, use of the "Stick N Click" lights will help with task lighting, while a wireless light switch/pad (i.e.: Perfect Switch, Handy Switch) will give you access to a light anywhere within your home."

Debra Young, MEd, OTR/L, ATP, CAPS has 15 years of clinical Occupational Therapy experience and is RESNA and NAHB certified. Her company, EmpowerAbility, LLC is an Occupational Therapy based consulting agency that offers Aging-In-Place, Home Safety, Assistive Technology and Accessibility consultation.

Comments/Questions: http://blog.aipathome.com/its-all-about-the-lighting/

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