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May 2009

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"Attractive transgenerational designs accommodate rather than discriminate; sympathize rather than stigmatize; and innovate rather than replicate."

James J. Pirkl, FIDSA

In The Spotlight: Green Mountain Ranch

AIPatHome Spotlight Showcase: Greem Mountain Ranch

Remember Cynthia Leibrock's Green Mountain Ranch we mentioned in the March 2009 issue of the AIP Bulletin? Well, now you can go to our Idea Center for a closer look at the kitchen, bathrooms, living and dining rooms, exterior, laundry room & spa and other features that demonstrate the complementary aspects of green and universal design.  Green Mountain Ranch is visitable by wheelchair users and adaptable to tall or short people, those with low vision and low hearing, to those who want to do rehab at home, and to people requiring a caregiver. All features are visually integrated, not advertising age or disability. Watch more videos, see pictures and learn more: Go to The Green Mountain Ranch Showcase

Recent Blog Posts

AIP Assistive Living*: Home Automation

Future Tech 'Minding' Your Home

Light switches, TV remote controls and even house keys could become a thing of the past thanks to brain-computer interface (BCI) technology being developed in Europe that lets users perform everyday tasks with thoughts alone. “The BCI lets people turn on lights, change channels on the TV or open doors just by thinking about it,” explains Christoph Guger, the CEO of Austrian medical engineering company g.tec that developed the application.

Click here to read the full story.

* Assistive Living: the products and services that allow people to enjoy productive, independent lives, with the use of technology.

50+ Homes & Communities: Housing Trends

Study Concludes Baby Boomers Want to Age In Place

Most Baby Boomers, like their parents, are choosing to “age in place,” but a large and growing number – more than 1.2 million households – are choosing to move to communities designed to meet their needs, according to a report released by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the MetLife Mature Market Institute (MMI). The data is significant because by 2010 the Boomers will represent one-quarter of the U.S. population – a group that will greatly impact the choices available in the housing market.

Click here to read the full story and access the complete 72 page report.

Special Note: The NAHB 50+ Council has announced their Gold and Silver winners for Best of 50+ Housing 2009.  Click here to see a list of winners.

Transgenerational Design Expert Joins AIPatHome Advisory Team
AIPatHome Advisor James J. Pirkl

James J. Pirkl, FIDSA

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning author and educator James J. Pirkl, FIDSA has joined the advisory team of Pirkl is regarded as “the father of transgenerational design.” His first book on the subject was published in 1988 and he has lectured, published and consulted on the topic since that time. He is Professor Emeritus of Industrial Design and Past Chairman of the department of Design at Syracuse University and Executive Director of Transgenerational Design Matters, a consulting firm dedicated to promoting, supporting and inspiring the design of consumer products and environments that accommodate people of all ages and abilities. Click here to read the full announcement.


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