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June 2010

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"No good story is quite true."

Leslie Stephen, quoted in The New York Review of Books
AIP Pro Tip: Creating A Visitable Garden

Keith Alward, Founder Alward ConstructionContractor Keith Alward, founder of Alward Construction located in the Bay Area of California talks about the accessible garden they created for a client who wanted to be able to enjoy water and lay in grass.

Our client uses a motorized wheelchair and her desire was to have an outdoor space in which she could garden, lay in the sun, have  picnics with her many friends, and most importantly, as a self-described water worshipper, use a hot tub.

We worked with her exploring all the various possibilities of her approximately 50’x50’ garden. Wheelchair accessible garden with hot tub.Elevational changes were employed to create different functional areas within the garden. Wide pathways were created to provide ample space for her to move around and the raised surfaces allow her to transfer from deck to hot tub to grass. For the hot tub we designed a wheelchair height transfer surface and put in a hydraulic seat for easy entry and exit from the tub. A wheel chair accessible potting bench was installed so she could garden.

Click here to see more pictures online.

AIP  Related Numbers

And for those of us that enjoy numbers and other geeky-things some figures culled from recent studies:


Common Health Action polled U.S. adults and learned that about one-third plan to take care of themselves in their old age. The rest:

  • 18% expect to rely on a spouse or partner
  • 21% think they will turn to children, other relatives or friends
  • 11% will use paid professional help
  • 4% wouldn't be able to afford care

90 percent of all surveyed expect to make use of the internet and social networking.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety issued a report* that indicates older drivers are getting safer - which is contrary to expectations. Some of the numbers include:

  • About 28 million people were 70 and older in the U.S. in 2008
  • Of these about 78% had drivers licenses
  • Fatal Accidents fell about 37% for same group
  • Injury crash rates declined 34 percent among drivers 80 and older from 1997 to 2005.

The reason for the change is partly attributed to seniors self-policing and state licensing policies that support the self-imposed limitation.

AIP Housing & Home Services

The researchers at the MIT AgeLab are conducting a series of Housing & Homes Services research projects on the "age readiness" of boomers including "older adult decision making about where to ‘age-in-place’ or move, what technologies might be integrated into everyday living to enable wellbeing and safety without sacrificing dignity, and what services might be desired by both older users, families and providers."

We are following this research and look forward to sharing the reports on the following projects when they are released later this year:

  • Customer-Driven Service Innovations in Home Services & Independent Living
  • User Requirements of Robotic Autonomous Wheelchair in a Long-Term Care Setting
  • Trust, Privacy & Home Technology
  • Anthropomorphic Home Technology Interfaces & Older User Adoption
  • Aging-In-No-Place
  • Age-Readiness of Retirement Living Alternatives

The MIT AgeLab was started in 1999 to "invent new ideas and creatively translate technologies into practical solutions." It is based in the MIT School of Engineering.

* Just For Fun

Car crashes ARE serious and we truly are glad to know senior driver safety is improving. Since we received the report and the following video about the same time we thought we ought to share both. Click here or on the picture to watch. :)


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