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AIP Bulletin June 2011
Anything is Possible at Home -

Quote of the Month
"We're not the first generation to get old, but we're the first generation to have greater expectation that old age could be better."
Professor Joseph Coughlin, director of MIT's Age Lab

In Case You Missed It
CBS News: Business Banking on Boomers

Oregon Health & Science University research associate Thomas Riley preparing to install sensors in the apartment of Curtis Guthrie.

Rita Braver with CBS News filed a video report on how businesses are trying different ways to tap into the buying power of Boomers (Businesses banking on baby boomers).

Hint: don't call us Boomers, certainly don't call us old and we may spend our money with you!

Click on on the link to watch the video:

Raising The Bar, errr, The Wall

Chair height seat makes it easy to get in and out.

Like the idea of walk-in bath tub but hate the look? Fret no more! Kohler has raised the bar (so to speak) for accessible bathing with their Elevance™ rising wall bath.

It's designed so that you can easily sit down as soon as you enter the bath. It has a chair height seat, integrated grab bar - making it easy to get in and out of from a standing position, chair or wheelchair positions.


The Elevance fits a standard size 5 foot alcove.

The rising wall needs less than five pounds of force to raise and lower, the built-in foot well makes it easy to test the water temperature as well as lets your body recline - minimizing the pressure on your back and knees.

The Elevance™ bath fills in 3-5 minutes and the dual drain system empties it in under 2 minutes. It fits a standard 5-foot alcove so it can replace an existing bath or used in new construction.

Click here to see the Elevance™ in action.

What's The Going Rate?

We've received enough inquiries from both professionals and consumers about Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) fees in particular and other AIP pros that we think it's time to put together some kind of reference chart. Are you willing to help?


Tomco Company 763.434.1522
Tomco Company, Inc.
Andover, Minnesota| 763.434.1522

We're asking AIP Pros to tell us about your work, certifications, etc., what you charge and where you live. We think this will be good information for consumers who are looking to hire people and for professionals growing their businesses.

If you're willing to help with this report then send us an email that includes:

  • Full Name, Phone Number (will not be published)

  • City, State

  • Type of work you do: Assessments, Design, Build, etc.

    factoid alert

     Survey says: about 80% of U.S. residents would be willing to pay up to $100 for a medical device that can monitor their vital signs. 1300 interviewed, 80% had a chronic health condition, 20% were caregivers. Source: IBM's "The Future of Connected Health Devices"

  • Certifications/Specialties

  • Fees

Your contact information will NOT be published. What we will report is city, state, work performed, how much you make.

We appreciate your help! Please send your email to

Is This Cool or What?

Are the stairs in your home getting to you?  Or do you have a temporary need for a full bathroom and laundry on the main level? A company called Stay At Home Additions has created:

Stay At Home Modular Bathrooms

Full bathroom with walk-in shower and laundry room.

"Patented, pre-constructed, ADA (Handicapped) compliant bathrooms with a walk-in shower and laundry. The modular units are transported to your home, connected to your home and utilities, and your ADA accessible bathroom with walk-in shower is ready for use. The Stay At Home addition will be connected to your home for only as long as you can benefit from it."

We think this is really cool! What do you think?

Please Note: queries to the company regarding pricing have gone unanswered.

Talk With Us

Your rants, raves, suggestions and stories are always welcome...especially the raves!Seriously, tell us what we can do to help you age-in-place, in your home, your way.  Share your story and send your comments to
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