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AIP Bulletin July 2011
Anything is Possible at Home - - Helping you AIP in your home, your way.

Quote of the Month
"Progress is not created by contented people."
Frank Tyger, Cartoonist

Your Money or Your Memory

If you are concerned about losing your memory you are not alone. There have been a couple of recent surveys that are quite striking. A 2010 AARP survey found that Baby Boomers are more concerned about staying mentally sharp than running out of money. A 2011 Associated Press poll clearly showed that boomers are more afraid of losing their memory than they are of death.

Cognitive Fun - free brain gamesTheir fears have not gone unnoticed. The market for brain fitness products is projected to get up to 8 billion dollars (U.S) in sales by 2015, according to Alvaro Fernandez, CEO of SharpBrains. Pricing for products varies from free: Cognitive Fun, Brain Experiment to nominal: $80 per year for Lumosity and pricey $395 for programs from Posit Science. So, do these products actually work or are people just capitalizing on your fears? For more information go to: Is 'Brain Training' Worth Your Cash?

In addition to brain fitness there are memory aids such as Memo that helps people remember appointments, medications, tasks, and other important information. The user needs no knowledge of computers—information is displayed automatically. The Memo always displays the correct day, date, and time, in addition to a message line that repeats important information throughout the day. A calendar, To Do list, phone numbers, Help button, Weather, and photomemoTouch -- internet based memory aid albums can be added to make the Memo more useful and entertaining. Family caregivers can add and change messages on the Memo remotely, from wherever they have internet access, as often as needed. Several caregivers at work or in distant cities can coordinate care by viewing each others postings. The caregiver website is easy to use with only basic internet skills.

The Memo is $299. The monthly subscription to the Memo website is $29/month, with a discount for annual subscriptions. For more information go to:

Video: The New Opportunity Of Old Age

Joseph Coughlin talks about Aging As An Extreme SportJoseph Coughlin, Director of the MIT Agelab, gives a talk at TEDx Boston: Aging As An Extreme Sport. "Aging is not for wimps. Think about it. As you change your environment remains the same. Your kitchen cabinets are still the mess they were, but now the height seems like a stretching exercise. Your home's stairs now qualify as a steeple chase. And, what was once a simple shopping trip or bus ride is now something that feels like the last few yards of a swim meet." 

Click here to watch the talk.


We put out a request last month for AIP Pros to share the type of work they do and the fees involved. As we get more in we'll compile a report or chart to put up on our website. We're off to a good start with people from both coasts of the U.S. telling us about their work:


Tomco Company 763.434.1522
JVA Construction Services
Certified Aging in Place Specialists
Syracuse, New York| 315.727.6707

Seattle, Washington

Certified master builder, certified master remodeler, certified ageing in place specialist (CAPS), OSHA certified, CESCL certified, Building scientist professional, BPI certified, Green Builder certified.

Years in Business

Cost plus 20% most of the time.

Hatfield, PA 19440 (outside of Philadelphia)

Certified Interior Designer with 19 years experience, CAPS since 2007,25 years as RN (in the field of Woman’s Health at all stages of life) prior to design- still maintain license. My design focus is on:

1. 50 plus empty nesters doing remodels to help them see ahead and inconspicuously meet future needs so that they may stay in their home as long as possible. I am very active in our local chapter of NARI (National Assoc. Of the Remodeling Industry) and collaborate with many local contractors. Won a Contractor of the Year, North East US award for Universal Design along with a local contractor.

2. Consult with 60-90 yr. ‘young’ folks who are moving from their home of many years to resize their lives. I provide a plan by way of listening to what they feel is important to take to the new residence, photograph and measure the items and the obtain a floor plan in the new residence. I then plan the space for the most safe environment to make their new residence feel like their home. Often I must educate them on replacing pieces of furniture, choose contrasting colors in flooring and countertops and the paint choices that will provide the with an upbeat but safe visual environment.

My fee is $300-500 to do the floor plan service and $100 per hour to consult on a remodel or future planning. In the process we often discuss my service of staging their home so that they can make the sale period most efficient. My style, ala RN, is to be very supportive of the emotional difficulty and family conflicts that can arise during this transitional period.

Additional Comments
I come at this from personal experience of having a husband 68, with Parkinson's and taking care of a friend with MS, age 63. I am 63. As an industry, we have to figure out the labels. AIP is not understood by the consumer. We hate being called Seniors. I do not mind Boomers- at least it is a bit feisty.


A growing cadre of Americans are finding themselves caring for aging relatives with increasing medical needs and dwindling financial resources. Indeed, more than 49 million Americans, or about 20 percent of the population, care for someone over the age of 50 who is ill or aging -- a number that has steadily increased over the past decade, according to the National Alliance for Caregiving. Source: The Rising Cost of Caring For Mom and Dad

AIP Pros to tell us about your work! What you do, your certifications, how you charge and where you live. We think this is good information for consumers who are looking to hire people and for professionals growing their businesses.

If you're willing to help with this report then send us an email that includes:

  • Full Name, Phone Number

  • City, State

  • Type of work you do: Assessments, Design, Build, etc.

  • Certifications/Specialties

  • Fees

Your contact information will NOT be published unless you tell us otherwise. What we will report is city, state, work performed, how much you charge.

We appreciate your help! Please send your email to

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