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September 2010

This Month's Favorite Quote:

"Delusions of grandeur make me feel a lot better about myself."

Jane Wagner, Writer
AIP Pro Tip: Remove Fiberglass Shower Unit, Create Accessible Bathroom
Bathroom before the accessible remodel
Before: this bathroom layout meant Katie needed assistance. (more pictures available online)

Ken Bryan owner of KBC, Inc. did the design and remodel of this bathroom to allow their client’s daughter, Katie, greater accessibility and privacy. Her bedroom was an addition to the house done by by her father when she was 12. Over the years, Katie desired more privacy which meant remodeling her bathroom area.

The bathroom was built over an existing crawl space that allowed us to remove the existing flooring, taper the floor and recess the entire shower floor. Katie can now shower without assistance and on her own schedule. Removing the linen closet wall allows Katie to freely move about. Both Katie and her mom are very pleased with the project and the ease of cleaning the urethane white grout.

  • Remove existing small 3’ x 3’ fiberglass shower unit, small linen closet and existing flooring.
  • Modify existing subfloor and recess new roll-in shower 3’ x 7” with tile shower floor, bathroom floor and shower walls up to the ceiling.
  • Install fixed shower head and hand-held shower head on wall bracket.

KBC, Inc. serves the greater Cincinati, Ohio area, specializing in commercial and residential remodeling. Owner Ken Bryan is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, Certified Green Remodeler and Certified Graduate Remodeler.

Click here to read online and see more pictures.

AIP Tech: Digital Health: Telecare

In the UK: Hi-Tech, Low Maintenance Telehealth Project Is Underway

For Eddie Beardsmore, age 62, and a chronic pulmonary disease (COPD) sufferer the beeping black box on his hall table has changed his life. Less trips to the hospital, better understanding and management of his condition. He is participating in a telehealth trial run by the NHS with nearly 6,000 patients. Early reports indicate success with patients and medical providers. Full results are expected in the spring.

Click here to read the full story.

In the U.S.: Paul Bond wonders What's Holding back Telehealth?

Paul G. Bond, RN, CEN, MSN, ALNCLike it or not, electronic administration of healthcare is here - and it’s here to stay. The only real question is when will telehealth or telemedicine gain widespread use? What’s holding back the explosion of Internet based health care along the lines of what has happened in the rest of the business world? We routinely hold meetings in the virtual world, we teach in the virtual world, and we most assuredly play in the virtual world. But what of healthcare?

Click here to read the full story.

What Does It Mean To Live Smart?

Smart Living Idea House: Universal Design Green & Smart TechnologiesUniversal Design, Green & Smart Technologies are changing what it means to live smart.  We think the best way to promote the awareness, benefits and value of smart living products and services is to have them presented within the context of a demonstration home or idea house - where they can be viewed with other products as part of a lifestyle that is flexible and beautiful. This is especially true for technology, which can come off as impersonal, cold and intrusive when simply presented as a stand-alone product. is developing an online version of a demonstration home: the Smart Living Idea House, that will be a great leap forward in terms of showing people creative ways to live smart and age in place. By virtue of its being online the Smart Living Idea House will be open 24/7 and available to a worldwide audience.

Click here to learn more about the Smart Living Idea House.

Talk Back

Cheryl TieszenReader Cheryl Tieszen sent us a copy of a letter she wrote to Randy Turley, Chief Counsel of the Missouri State Tax Commission questioning the logic of taxing age in place related home modifications. For example making it possible for person to continue to live at home after an injury or illness, or making a home useable for multi-generation in one household. She wanted to share it with community and welcomes your feedback.

Click here to read her letter and comment.


Photo: Louis Advisor Louis Tenenbaum wrote us about a report he helped prepare “Aging in Place 2.0 Rethinking Solutions to the Homecare Challenge” released earlier this month by MetLife’s Mature Market Institute. According to the report communities, government and the public and private sectors will need to make sweeping changes to accommodate older Americans’ desire to remain in their homes. Changes that include home design and the use of assistive technologies. Hmmm, sound familiar, like: "AIPatHome: Make your home livable, longer, through universal design and technology." 

Click here to read more about AiP2.0 and get a copy of the report.

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