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AIP Bulletin September 2011
Active Independent People at Home - - Helping you AIP in your home, your way.

Quote of the Month
"If you have learned how to disagree without being disagreeable, then you have discovered the secret of getting along whether it be business, family relations or life itself."
Bernard Meltzer, American Law Professor

Smart Tech: Will Robo Cars Eliminate The Need For "The Talk"

Smart or "robo-cars" are on the rise and their features may soon become standards. "From proactive safety systems (like cars that self-slam their brakes for errant pedestrians) to parental controls that can limit radio volume for teen drivers" writes Missy Sullivan for Smart Money Magazine.
Smart Cars are on the rise.

Car manufacturers are increasing the tech features of their cars. Automated parking, braking systems, voice activated controls, web surfing and more.
Click here to watch a ride in a robo-car.

Social media is hot and driving the trend in the autoworld for voice-activated, wireless Web surfing. Soon our cars will be reading our text messages aloud or locating the closest Chinese restaurant.

"Eventually, government officials say, smart cars will even be connecting to -- yes -- smart roads, which won't just lie there sprouting potholes but will beam data about traffic, construction and driving conditions to passing motorists."

Does the rise in use of the these automated safety features, also known as "pre-collision systems" mean we don't have to have the "it's time to hang up the keys" talk with our parents? Probably not yet. Analysts are looking at 2015 before manufacturing costs start going down for these systems and they become available in a wider range of cars.

And, also in the works, self-driving cars being tested on the streets of San Francisco by Google. Engineers at Ford are experimenting with in-cabin health monitors, like measuring glucose levels.


There's a mobile device for every age group. New findings from media research firm Affinity suggest the growing range of connected gadgets entering the mainstream are attracting distinct audiences. The way it breaks down: E-readers are for baby boomers, PC tablets for Gen Xers, and smartphones for millennials. Source: MediaPost

Home Safety: Fall Prevention

In case you didn't know Sept. 23 was National Fall Prevention Day in the United States and, in case you missed it, in August the MetLife Mature Market Institute published a booklet called "The Essentials: Falls and Fall Prevention" produced in cooperation with the National Alliance for Caregiving.The Essentials: Falls and Fall Prevention

The free booklet provides information on the risk factors for falls and contains a number of tips that people can use to help themselves and their loved ones avoid falls. Most falls are not age-related and many can be prevented, but age often plays a role in the type of fall or injury.

"Accidental falls cause the majority of injury-related visits to the emergency room in the U.S. and they're the leading cause of accidental death in people over the age of 65," said Sandra Timmermann, Ed.D., director of the MetLife Mature Market Institute. "In children, falls are the most common cause of injury visits to the hospital, accounting for two million such trips each year."

For elders, the publication stresses the importance of taking care of vision, hearing and other health-related issues. As people age they are more likely to have chronic illnesses that increase the chance of falls and they may be taking multiple medications whose side effects may cause unsteadiness. It is important for individuals and their family members to notify their doctors of changes that could lead to risk for falls.

Environmental hazards are particularly dangerous and are the easiest to safeguard against. For elders the following should be addressed to assist with  fall-prevention:

  • Keep their homes well lit and free of clutter.

  • Fix loose carpeting, uneven flooring and unsafe outdoor walkways.

  • Make sure stairways have railings, that bathtubs and showers have grab bars and that furniture is neither too high, nor too low to negotiate safely.

  • Avoiding alcohol.

  • Move cautiously, rather than suddenly.

For more guidance to fall prevention you may click here to download a copy of the booklet.


Retrofocals: the best in vintage, retro revival, tart arnel, sunglasses, readers, and more!
Independent Living: Stay Tuned and the Midwest Independent Living Consultants are working together to produce an online tour of the Chairs and Cares Model Accessible Home to show people (nationally and internationally) how to live independently and age in place. The home is owned by the North Central Technical College and located on their campus in Wausau, Wisconsin. It's a 2-story, 4600 square foot home with 3 car garage. This house is not lived in and never will be. Its sole purpose is to be a demonstration home for independent living.

The online tour will feature videos, photo galleries and detailed product information - similar to our tours in the showcase section of The Chairs & Cares tour will be updated quarterly to feature different products i.e., furniture, fixtures, appliances, equipment and technology, that are available to create a truly accessible home.

The C+CMAH Tour will be promoted to Independent Living Centers nationwide as well as consumers and aging-in-place professionals internationally. Social media tools (Facebook, Twitter), international video distribution by Blip TV, AIPatHome e-publications and joint marketing sites will be used.

Bilbrook Assistive Technology House in Staffordshire, England. Click on image to watch a video.The Chairs & Cares House is is similar to the Bilbrook AT Home in Staffordshire, England. "A fully working home that demonstrates AT (Assistive Technology)  within a health and social care centre. This speeds access to assessments, helps train professionals and demonstrates solutions to the public. The home showcases the whole spectrum of AT, from grab rails to the latest telecare and telehealth monitors. It allows people to see the range of options available to them, understand how they work and ultimately how they can improve their lives."

Walk-in demonstration homes are a great way to reach a lot of people who are able to go to them. We're excited to be able to show the C+CMAH to many, many, more people by having it online, bringing it to them.



KBC, Inc 513.385.9165
KBC Inc.
Certified Aging in Place Specialists
Cincinnati, Ohio| 513.385.9165

AIP Pros get listed in the AIP Business Pages and then tell us about your work ! What you do, your certifications, how you charge and where you live. We think this is good information for consumers who are looking to hire people and for professionals growing their businesses.

If you're willing to help with this report then send us an email that includes:

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