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AIP Bulletin October 2012

Quote of the Month

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser."

John W. Gardner

We deeply appreciate all the expressions of condolences we received for the sudden death of our family member. We also would like to offer our thoughts and prayers to all of our readers who are being impacted by Hurricane Sandy and her aftermath. May the recovery be speedy.

Warm Regards,

Lysa & Meres 'Mack' McCarroll

Technology Watch:  Digital Health & Fitness

Is the health and fitness technology growing (up)? According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® more than 215 exhibitors will showcase the latest digital health and fitness technologies at the world’s largest annual innovation event 2013 International Consumer Electronic Show. That's nearly a 25 percent growth in a year.

“Health and fitness technology is booming, and will continue its dominance on the CES show floor with the future of fitness tech that combines data aggregation, social elements and convenience,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA. “Health, wellness and technology converge at the International CES where there are solutions for diagnosing, monitoring and treating illnesses with games that let people take responsibility for their own health and reinforce healthy behavior.”

2013 In't CES Digital Health / Fitness Tech

“Health, wellness and technology converge at the International CES where there are solutions for diagnosing, monitoring and treating illnesses with games that let people take responsibility for their own health and reinforce healthy behavior.”


The next generation of health and fitness devices and apps offer access to complete medical history, comprehensive biometric data and remote access to medical professionals. A move away from the many apps that track calorie, weight and body mass.

Over the next five years, wearable devices in sports and fitness will grow to 169.5 million devices, with the body becoming an input/output device where everything can be tracked.

If you're headed to the 2013 International CES (Tuesday, January 8-Friday, January 11, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada) and have a passion for aging in place related technologies then check out:

The FitnessTech TechZone: which will focus exclusively on the newest innovations and tools for the sports enthusiast. Spotlighting key trends that impact the multi-billion dollar sports, fitness and outdoors markets.

The FitnessTech Conference Track will explore what works and what doesn’t from augmented reality devices to new exercise options, and from bionic parts to peak performance monitors. The conference programming dives into what it takes to become the next big thing in wearable technology.

An easier path to your doctor will be revealed in the Grand Lobby at CES. New exhibitor HealthSpot will unveil its cutting-edge tele-health system for providing high quality medical diagnostics to acute care patients. Redefining clinical healthcare through digital technology, HealthSpot is pioneering today’s health services through convenience, efficiency and efficacy for both providers and their patients.

The Digital Health Summit will showcase tele-health systems, robotic aids, electronic medical records, therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices and monitoring devices for the home. The conference programming will bring together more than 800 senior health and technology executives to examine and analyze the fast-paced digital health landscape. Innovators in the technology health services industry will examine consumers’ seamless integration with health and fitness products in their daily lives. And Silvers Summit will showcase the products and services that keep baby boomers engaged, entertained, connected and healthy.

Visit for more information on the 2013 International CES.

did you know...

The optimal viewing difference for a big screen TV is 2 to 3 times its diagonal measurement? So, if you have a 46" TV you should  have at least 7.67 feet between you and it but not more than 11.5 feet. ~Smart Money

Design: Bathroom Fail

File this one under "what were they thinking?!" Simon Landau snapped this shot when he entered the loo in a Northwest D.C. restaurant:


Although, one toilet seems to be accessible.

did you know...

According to AARP, 65 million people in the U.S. provide at least 20 hours per week of care for an ill, disabled or aging family member, and 66 percent of family caregivers are women. Approximately 50 percent of care recipients live in their home, but only 28 percent live with a caregiver full time.

Pro Tip: Keeping Safe During an Extended Power Outage

The experts at Kohler Generators have compiled 10 safety tips designed to help people protect their home, family and electronics in the event of an extended power outage.

  1. Develop a Weather Emergency Plan. The plan should include a list of important phone numbers in case you need to quickly evacuate your home (i.e. doctors, family members, etc.). The plan should also include an evacuation route, as well as an established meeting place in case you lose communication with loved ones.
  2. Create a Storm Bucket. Get a backpack or purchase a large plastic bucket with a lid from a local hardware store or home center. Stuff the backpack or bucket with three days' worth of food and water. Other items should include a flashlight, battery powered/hand-cranked radio, first aid kit, money, medications and a CD or USB drive containing important documents. Store the kit in a place that is easily accessible in an emergency situation. For more tips on how to prepare for weather-related emergencies, visit the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH).
  3. Turn off major appliances. Shut off your water heater, stove and air conditioning unit. Unplug other appliances such as TVs, stereos, microwaves and computers. This will prevent damage to appliances and possible overloads to the system when power is restored.
  4. Leave a light on. It sounds simple, but leave at least one light on in your home so you can see when power is restored.
  5. Stay away from fallen wires, flooded areas and debris. Treat all down wires and anything touching them as though they have electricity running through it.
  6. Standy Generator by Kohler
    A standby generator, like this one from Kohler, turns on automatically when power shuts off to a home. It is permanently installed outside the home similar to a central air conditioning unit and hooks up to existing gas lines (natural gas or propane). A standby generator can power everything in a home, including critical appliances and systems like lights, heating/cooling systems, refrigerators, sump pumps, home security systems, computers and more.
  7. Do not connect portable generators directly to the electrical system of your home. Electricity could flow backward into the power lines and endanger lives. Plug appliances directly into the portable generator, or hire a qualified electrician to connect the portable generator to your electrical system.
  8. If you're running a portable generator, be sure to use properly rated extension cords (electrical load and length). Also, make sure the portable generator is properly vented to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Do not place a portable generator in your home or an enclosed space with limited ventilation like a garage or a screened porch.
  9. Familiarize yourself with your main electrical panel. You may have to turn off the main breaker or have to reset circuit breakers after a power outage.
  10. Inspect the area around your electricity meter. If you detect or suspect any damage, call your local utility provider.
  11. Consider installing a commercial-grade, standby generator. A standby generator is permanently installed outside the home similar to a central air conditioning unit. It runs on natural gas or propane and hooks up to existing gas lines. Standby generators turn on automatically when the power shuts off. A transfer switch constantly monitors utility power and transfers the electrical load to the generator if power is lost, protecting the home even if the home owner is away. A standby generator can power critical and sophisticated appliances and systems in a home, including lights, heating/cooling systems, refrigerators, sump pumps, home security systems and more.

did you know...

Halloween is second only to Christmas in spending. Consumers spend over $2.5 Billion during Halloween. That's a whole lot of candy, costumes, decorations, and party goods!

Can You Help?

Reader C.Moore is interested in "learning more about the UDCP designation from people who have it." We'll forward your emails along with or with out your contact info -- whatever your preference is.

And Osterman would "like to find a resource that includes or lists an inclusive list of everything to do with activities of daily living, for all ages, all needs, and as an aside, include home based physical dimensions."

Your help is appreciated!

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