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November 2009

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“One secret of aging beautifully is the ability to say  'I love what I do'.”

Cynthia Leibrock, MA, ASID, Hon. IIDA
Get The Monsters Out Of Your Bathroom
There's A Monster In The Bathtub!

Photo By Maira Kouvara

By Andrea Tannenbaum, AdaptMy.com

A nice warm bath or shower can offer relief to people who have arthritis and other muscular or joint ailments. A long soak can be just what the doctor ordered. But many people are concerned about slipping and falling in the tub. Unlike a child's fear about the "monster in the drain", the "slip and fall" monster is very real.

According to the National Safety Council, more than 400 people drown in bath tubs each year. That horrifying statistic does not include all the injuries, big and small, that occur annually due to falls in the tub. These falls are most likely to occur while entering or leaving the tub as well as when shifting between a standing and seated position.

Don't let the "slip and fall" monster prevent you from enjoying the benefits of a bath. Instead, arm yourself to defeat this monster by following some commonsense practices and adding a few safety items to your bath area. These safety precautions are particularly important if you are weak or have balance issues.

If you can stand, but need some support to get into or out of the tub, being able to hold onto something secure might be the solution:

  • A Bath Tub Rail provides something to hold onto as you enter or leave the tub. There are many styles, all fitting over the tub edge without doing any damage to the fixture. Make sure to select the right height and grip style to suit your needs.

  • Grab Bars of varying lengths, textures and styles can be mounted on the wall in strategic locations where they can provide support. Grab bars serve two purposes.
    • The first is as a balance aid, something to hold onto that is stable and gives you a sense of security.
    • The second and more important purpose is as a tool to support you if you should begin to fall.

Please do not be tempted to use a towel bar as a grab bar substitute. Towel bars are not designed to hold the weight of a person if they begin to fall. During a fall, with help of gravity, the actual force pulling on the bar can be much more that your weight. Because of this, it is important to follow all precautions regarding appropriate wall preparation when installing a grab bar. Find a professional to install the grab bar - for your own safety! Click here to read more.

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Lifestyle Tech Expert Joins AIPatHome Advisory Team
Robin Raskin Joins AIPatHome Advisory Team

Robin Raskin, Founder,
Living In Digital Times

Noted author, editor and founder of Living in Digital Times, Robin Raskin, has joined the  AIPatHome.com Advisory Team. Raskin has been translating technology into consumer friendly terms for more than 25 years. In 2007, Raskin became the co-founder of The Sandbox Summit: A Playdate with Technology, an event created in partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). This year she's co-producing Kids@Play, Mommy Tech, Higher EdTECH, Digital Health and Silvers Summit, each devoted to exploring the technologies relevant to these particular lifestyles. Robin has been the editor-in-chief of FamilyPC, editor of PC Magazine, and columnist for USA Today Online and the Gannett News Service, winning numerous prizes for her coverage of technology. Raskin lives in NYC and the Hudson Valley, with her husband, her three drop in now and then children, and closets full of obsolete technology.

Click here to read the full announcement.

Just For Fun
AIPatHome Selected as Media Partner for Silvers Summit & DigitalHealth Summit CES 2010

AIPatHome has been selected as a Media Partner for Silvers Summit and Digital Health Summit CES 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 7 - 10.

The dHealth Summit focuses on the convergence of technology and healthcare and how they provide solutions to many of the most vexing healthcare-related issues. In addition to diagnosing and battling disease, today’s generation of high-tech healthcare products and services will be the catalyst for better managed healthcare, patient/doctor communication, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery time, lowered costs for health insurance, early prevention and detection, digital patient information records, medical attention over distances (telemedicine), patient monitoring, and so much more.

Silvers Summit showcases the products and services that keep baby boomers engaged, entertained, and connected. This one-day event focusing on boomer-focused technologies assembles companies, distributors, journalists, research firms, and think tanks, to demonstrate the products and services that will help mature consumers maintain their high quality of life.

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