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November 2014

What's wrong with this picture?

Grandma's coming to dinner. Grandma's in a wheelchair. And it's probably going to be raining or snowing by the time she arrives. Or both. Oh - Alex is going to be home from college for the weekend. Has a sprained ankle and is using crutches. And, for good measure, the dog has arthritis.

What's wrong with this picture? Photo courtesy of BLD

Now can you see what's wrong? Yep -- the steps. But what's going on behind the flower bed?

3 step entranceway to house. Photo courtesy of BLD

A switched-back sloping walkway.  Not a "wheelchair ramp" but a pathway that is integrated into the look of the house and gives people a choice: steps or no steps.

Switchback entranceway to house. Photo courtesy of BLD

A clever solution for creating an accessible entryway. The porch is level with the first floor and has a roof which protects people from the elements.

This example of an adaptable, step-less entrance provided by Better Living Design (BLD).

RetroFocals: We've Got Your Style!


Quote of the Month

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you in trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.”

Mark Twain - Author, Humorist

TECH watch

Fraunhofer Smartwatch

The Fraunhofer Institute: a German R&D company for applied research in Visual Computing has developed a smartwatch that they think will help people live independently longer. A "wearable home care assistance system" it has been called by some reviewers. The Fraunhofer smartwatch is able to remind users to take medications, can be a navigation aid, is able to directly contact caregivers and with phone connectivity, contact emergency services.

Did You Know...

Baby Boomers are not afraid of debt? They are carrying much more mortgage debt than earlier generations did at this life stage. The median outstanding mortgage balance for a 50 to 69 year old household has grown 142% since 1992.

Source: Demand Institute: Baby Boomers & Their Homes

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